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Dynamics of Yoga: The Foundation of Bihar Yoga

Swami Satyananda is the Founder of Bihar School Of Yoga and is singularly responsible for the fame it has earned all over the world. He has written more than eighty Books, and the most famous being ASANA PRANA YAMA MUDRA BANDHA

Encyclopedia of Bihar

Encyclopedia of Bihar Bihar has been a place of destination even for foreign travellers too, like Albaruni, Megasthenese, Phaiyan to Xuanjang due to its wide spread pristine beauty, greeneries, glorious past, vibrant culture, lip smacking cuisines and the generosity of the people.

Historical Geography and Topography of Bihar

The region of Bihar is one of the great foci of Indian history. From before the days of Buddha it was a major centre of Indian political life and the most significant cultural centres, especially in respect of Buddhism.

Single Man : The Life & Times of Nitish Kumar of Bihar

A dispassionate unlayering of the complex persona behind Nitish's person: ditherer and gambler, tentative and determined, gullible and astute, effacing and ambitious,introvert and interventionist, loner in the crowds he courts.

The New Bihar

An insight into the history of political and economic development of Bihar, The New Bihar is for anyone who is interested in governance and politics. The book deals with an in-depth analysis on the past, present and future of the glorious state and the factors that led to its decline and growth.

The Social, Political Process And The Economic Development Of Bihar

Bihar is a state in flux, but a trail-blazer for the democratization of democracy. The socio-economic and political processes are an investment in the process of democratization which is gradually transforming Bihar. The democratic investment in Bihar have led to a change in the realm of socio-economic and political dominance.